Are you a book drive program? Can I donate books to you instead of money?

No. We are not a book drive program. We believe that in order to increase student interest in reading, our kiddos need materials that are culturally, racially and religiously relevant. They want to read books that speak to their own lives and their personal histories. We do not believe that book drives produce the books that our students want to read. Therefore, we work very hard to get books that our kids want to read so that their proficiency levels increase in all subject areas. We also firmly believe that our students get excited about having a new copy of a book in their hands. 



If you want to donate a specific book, we do maintain an ongoing Amazon Wishlist of books that have been requested by our students, and books we believe will engage them.

There seem to be a lot of literacy focused nonprofits. How are you different?

First, we are not a book drive program (see above).


Second, we work with both students and teachers across all grade levels to provide classroom sets of books, classroom library makeovers, and to fulfill individual book requests. Currently, the nonprofits focused on literacy do not work directly in the schools to obtain specific new titles for our teachers and students. For example, the Northern Nevada Literacy Council focus only on adult education programming,  and the United Way Literacy Council focuses specifically on the Read by Three initiative and has no programming specifically targeting our middle school and high school readers, many of whom are still at a kindergarten reading level. When conducting our initial market research in developing our programming, we consistently heard from teachers and the district that no programs like ours exist.


Third, our social media presence and marketing platform is much broader and more far reaching than the current nonprofits addressing the book desert.


Fourth, we are not run like a traditional nonprofit. Rather, we are run with the mindset that we are a small business looking to grow our company into a large national nonprofit. Our Board of Directors, committee members, and volunteers consist of individuals who are experienced social media marketers with a strong understanding of millennial and generations X and Z’s issues and experiences. These groups are the future of our sponsorship, donor base, partners, and volunteer group, and it is these groups that will be the biggest drivers of community development in Northern Nevada and around the country.

I am a parent and want to obtain a book for my child. How do I do this?

If you are a parent and want to request a book for your child, please connect with your child's teacher. Have your child's teacher send us an email requesting more information and we will work directly with the teacher to obtain the book for your child. Please send the email to